Peña Nieto: You have 6 months

Peña Nieto:

I hope this letter reaches you. I write to you as a mexican, as a citizen and a young man, and I want to tell you:

You have 6 months for realizing that the great majority of mexican citizens didn’t vote for you, more even, they were against your project, as you could see in the numerous demonstrations all over the country during your campaign.

You have 6 months for learning to speak in public, not with a fake tone and very old formulas (that we’ve heard from Salinas, Lopez Portillo, Montiel and the old PRI disgusting litter), but to speak with the truth, sincerely, bluntly and directly. Not once in your campaign I heard you speak like this.

You have 6 months to fight your predominant fault: vanity. I hope you realize that a country is not governed by your pretty face, or your wive’s ultimate fashion clothes, but with hard work, maturity and consensus, a word that I doubt you understand.

You have 6 months to realize that no one can be sure of the calculations on your budget. The increases that you want to make to the education budget, social security budget, labor budget, social development budget, science budget and other areas are not possible, unless you want to increase the country’s debt, which in the past century led us to many crises and poverty that has been frozen over 50 years in time.

You have 6 months to understand that a universal social security system is not only the unification of the IMSS and ISSSTE on a name basis, but an extension of the scope of these services for all Mexicans.

You have 6 months to understand that what the young and economically active population need, is not an unemployment insurance, which in our circumstances, quickly would became a populist measure, but the creation of permanent, stable and well paid jobs.

You have 6 months to realize that our democracy works perfectly, and instead, what is not even minimally functioning, is our political system and your party has great deal of the fault. You have this time lapse to realize that democracy and politics are terms that should not be confused, especially by you.

You have 6 months to understand that Mexico has changed, and you can not govern us in the same way as the past. Not in a rhetorical manner, as you have said in your ads. You cannot lead us the same way because we are not going to allow it.

You have 6 months to open your eyes and see that we do not need to cut 100 deputies, what we really need is to cut at least the 200 «Plurinominales», but this is not good for your party.

Many other things you can do ins this time, but primarily one thing: You have 6 months to be a president of Mexico, a task in which you are greatly exceeded from my point of view, especially after presidents like Felipe Calderon or Ernesto Zedillo. You have 6 months to get rid of the bad influences and commitments you are carrying on your back. 6 months to learn how to be humble, to be mature, to do a lot of teamwork.

In conclusion, you have 6 months to be the president that all Mexicans deserve, not the virtual one you have built with your outstanding marketing campaign. If you manage to do that in 6 months, you can count on my work and the work from of millions of Mexicans who think as me.

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